Must try Chinese Dishes

Chinese dishes are known for their variety and taste. Chinese dishes are known for their colorfulness, flavor and taste depicting the rich culture and diversity that exists in China. The various dishes depict the love that the Chinese hold for food and is carefully prepared. However, that’s not to say that these dishes cannot be prepared at home as many Chinese dishes are easy to prepare.

Chinese Noodle Dishes

One category of Chinese dishes is prepared with noodles. Chinese Noodles Vary in size, shape, texture and tastes depending on where the noodles are made. Many Chinese dishes contain noodles. Noodles are made in Many different provinces in China which creates a variety of flavorful noodles. Such variety showcases the differences in Chinese culture which appeal to different personalities and tastes. Chinese noodle dishes are especially easy to prepare and can be combined with a variety of sauces, vegetables and protein for variety.

There are different types of Chinese noodles that are used to comprise different noodle dishes. They are categorized based on their method of preparation, ingredients or method of production. The most common types are listed below.

Five Types of Chinese noodles are:

1. Knife cut noodles
2. Hot dry noodles
3. Fried noodles
4. Rice Noodles
5. Hand pulled noodles

Popular Chinese Noodle Dishes

1. Chicken Chow Mein which is a combination of chicken, noodles and vegetables
chinese noodles2. Chicken Lo Mein which is made from Hakka noodles tossed in sauce.
3. Bacon Pan Fried Noodles- The noodles are first soaked in sauce. Then bacon and cabbage are added for extra delight
4. Sesame Noodles are made with its main ingredient sesame oil.
5. Cantonese wanton Noodle soup which is a soup made from this specific noodle.
6. Shanghai stir fry noodles.

Whatever your preference of Noodles, protein and vegetables, you will be able to find a Chinese noodle dish to suit your taste and preference. Each Chinese noodle dish is packed with flavor, color and nutrients to satisfy any eater. Whether you visit a local Chinese restaurant or try these dishes at home, you will be guaranteed taste and satisfaction from your meal.

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