The Delicious Pan Fried Dumpling

When it comes to Asian cuisine, the one item that most people have tasted are the dumplings. These are available in various forms and are prepared in wide variety of styles, including pan fried versions, making it irresistible for foodies. Even though it is now available throughout the world, the place of origin of the Asian dumpling, was in the Northern part of China.

The Origin Story

The Chinese dumpling was known as “jiaozi’ and it was a staple food on the northern side of the Yangtze river dating back over a thousand years. It was prepared by a dough made of wheat flour, which was filled with vegetable or meat fillings. These items were then cooked by boiling, steaming or pan-frying.

Dumpling or Potsticker

The dumpling is also known as potsticker as the bottom of the item turns crispy and sticks to the pan while the interior stays soft. The story about the invention of the potsticker says that it was actually invented by accident. A chef accidentally boiled off the entire water while preparing a set of “jiaozi”. Instead of rejecting the batch, the chef presented it as a special dish and it became a favourite item.
fried dumplings


The pan fried dumplings are easy to prepare and they can be prepared at home by any decent cook. It starts with the preparation of the dough and cutting it into small flat pieces. The filling must be prepared correctly because if it is too wet, the assembly will be difficult. The dough is then filled with the filling and the dumplings are heated on a thick pan coated with a thin oil layer. As the bottom of the dumplings turn brown, water is poured in the pan and it is covered. The water gradually evaporates leaving the tasty delights all set for consumption.
An old Chinese proverb say that nothing can be tastier than the dumpling, which I am sure you will find true.
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